I am involved in many different projects from jingles, commercials, to song demos and backup vocals. For pricing, please contact me with details about your project and I will get back to you with a quote. My rates are industry standard and I will work hard to ensure you get stellar results well worth what you pay for. Quotes include all recording/production fees and since there are virtually no overhead costs (studio rental, producer, etc), you save money by hiring me remotely while not compromising on quality. Payments can be made easily and safely through paypal.

To continue I will need the backing track, a scratch vocal of the song, any desired background vocal parts and a lyric sheet. I will record a few takes of the lead for you to comp from and I usually double all background vocal parts. Everything will be sent to you in aiff or wav file form and all files will be sent in a folder via dropbox or a similar site. All vocal files will be unmixed and with no effects for you to take them your preferred mixer. 

Usually you will find everything you need between the vocal takes that are emailed to you. But if you have a revision, two more are included at no additional cost. Any more revisions after the two additional will cost a small fee each. I have very rarely had to do more than the included package. I take direction well and take the time to understand the song's needs. I want you to have a project you are happy with. 

*Services that are not provided: songwriting, top line melodies or any co-writing. I also do not perform as an artist or guest artist on tracks or for any album or record releases. My services are as a session singer hired for a song demo, used for pitching purposes or showcasing a songwriter's work only,  not for releases or as part of a band or another artist's release.